Diaspora Dance


African Movement and Rhythm

Times: Tuesday, 6:00-7:00pm

The class starts off with a gentle warm-up to awaken the body and senses and then You’ll be led through a series of movements, culminating in a combination across the dance floor. We will teach the fundamentals of West African dance and ground you in an understanding of the accompanying drum rhythms. Come express yourself with the fun and energetic movements accompanied by dynamic live drumming!  All Levels are Welcome.

African Diaspora Dance Workshops

Times: Fridays Twice a Month, 6:30-8:00PM

We are excited to share African Diaspora Dance with our community of dancers and Musicians. These dance workshops will explore the many dance styles of the Diaspora with a creative collective of skilled instructors who are knowledgeable of their culture’s dance and music Diaspora Dance Workshops will feature dance from West Africa, Congo, Brazil, Cuba and Haiti. All to the sounds of live Drums.

All levels are welcome. Check Calendar for schedule.

Terreiro Bio Pic

Instructor: Nat Gonzalez

Nat Gonzalez is a teaching artist, choreographer, and educator raised in New York with family roots in the Caribbean. Growing up she was surrounded by diverse dance forms of the African Diaspora, which fueled her passion and love of African dance and music. Nat has studied West African, Afro Caribbean, Afro-Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop dance.  Nat is currently teaching weekly dance classes and facilitating dance and drum workshops while also choreographing and performing with Teranga Rhythms, a West African performance group.  As an instructor it is her goal to foster a love and   reverence for African culture  by creating a warm inviting space for students to freely express themselves through movement and dance.
Instructors/Musicians: Diabel Diomly and Cheihk Dieng