Jidokwan Tae Kwon Do


Times: Weds, 7:30-8:30pm; Saturdays, 8Am-10am.

Jidokwan is one of the original nine schools of the modern Korean martial arts that became Taekwondo and was founded in what is now South Korea at the end of World War II. Its name translates as “School of Wisdom”.

Target age:  10 and up (Unisex class)

Training:  Classes focus on stretching, strength and conditioning (calisthenics, plyometrics), traditional forms or kata and basic striking and blocking. Our objective is to give students a sense of self worth, self-respect and humility through an art form that challenges the mind, body and spirit. We believe our form helps individuals think of the consequences of their actions and to cultivate thoughtfulness and discipline.

Educational Benefit:  Students will develop a strong sense of discipline.  They will learn the value of respect and the importance of order.  A student will learn how to study and practice forms and learn the value of independent study.  This martial art is steeped in tradition and customs, many of which focus on the core values of life. Through this class students will learn connectivity, diversity, East Asian history, the physical manifestation of mathematics and ancient East Asian philosophy.

Promotion:  For students who are serious about advancing in rank (belt color), tests are offered. Time and date for each test will be announced. Testing is left up to the head instructor’s discretion.

Karate is not about advancing in rank.  It is not about bullying or fighting.  It is not about belts, trophies or fancy tricks.  Karate is about patience, focus, confidence, honor, dignity and respect.  It is about creativity, responsibility, thoughtfulness and control.  Anyone who tells you otherwise does not understand the true nature of the martial arts.



Instructor: Zayd M. Shakur

Zayd is a Martial Arts Instructor teaching Korean Karate which includes;punching, kicking, blocking, kata (forms), cardio, fine motor skills/coordination, self defense, self confidence and discipline. His focus is to show how the martial arts can be used to develop the mind, body, and spirit in a positive and rewarding manner. He is a certified Black Belt from the Tae So Dojo under the tutelage of Grand Master Sherman Fogg.